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by Ink Bomb

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released August 17, 2015


tags: punk Nijmegen


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Ink Bomb Nijmegen, Netherlands

Eind 2014 stapten de leden van Ink Bomb voor het eerst samen het oefenhok binnen en na het spelen van No Use For A Name en Bad Religion covers was meteen duidelijk dat dit de band was waar ze naar op zoek waren. Het resultaat: een explosie van vinnige punkrock met messcherpe riffs, ronkende bassen, knallende drums en een aan onbedaarlijke Weltschmerz lijdende zanger. ... more

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Track Name: The Revolution is my Boyfriend
Molotov desires singed into dreams of yesteryear
We cant seem to find a purpose here
Pacifism shapes up to be the enemy you feared
You insist on coloring outside the lines

She begins anew, and burns a flag
The status quo is just her punching bag
Teeth clenched, rocks thrown, fists in the air
Rebellion is on sale this time of year

You hate the shopping malls and your friends who all shop there
I hear they're selling CRASS t-shirts at the H&M
Your posters and your bands scream the truth that you believe
While anarchists scream loud, my head is in the clouds

Your revolution will be mine in time
Your revolution will be mine...
The uprising will be stylised
The revolution will not be televised!
Track Name: Cauterize
As the words rained down on the clowns
Your toughness offset by the coloring lines
The bodies piled up, the stench benign
You made off with the prize

Soft spoken, yet the bullets hit hard
I've got a sinking feeling that
This day will come again and again
The dream will burn and return

I'll take your names and faces
Scribble them down my arm
Lay in hiding, soothing hatred
These eyes have seen a million gazes

All you see are enemies…
I’m wide awake...
My mind is clear...
I won’t give this another year

Let the dead of now
be the villains of yesteryear

For better or not the question
Sticking in your mind this time
Pig pen scars soothed with loud guitars
The gray colors these crimes of mine

So ease up on the self hate kid
Save your strength and keep it warm
Train the heart and hands for now
Through strength you'll make it through somehow

Loom overhead
Clay feet spies......cauterize
Track Name: Retard 200
My social network hit the ground at about 200 friends
Stick a knife into my throat and make this madness end
Farmville invites, quotes from hip-hop, I’m gonna come unglued
If another one of them starts posting pictures of his food

Mikey’s watching Knightrider alone on Friday night
Brandon’s eating grapes and has a problem with his wife
Jack posts that his fish just died, Mandy’s getting pissed
For Jack’s online demeanor doesn’t match how much she misses him

200 stories of romance and glory
200 retards is all that I see
200 blog posts, e-vites to punkshows
It’s all just the special Olympics to me

Peter lately thought he had a problem with his life
Messianic holy men, they told him so on-line
After days of wandering the digital wasteland
The world of shit, he stepped in it. Delete, delete, delete

A myriad of networks linking all my closest friends
Haven't seen the sun outside for 20 days on end
Twitter trolling, Gamergate and hate mail's all I need
I scheme, I type, I shout, I yell, I post, I live and bleed
Track Name: Slow Coming Dark
It was a restless conversation
Turned my head as she turned out the lights
Felt like going out for some destruction
A little voice inside kept me from it that night

It could have all gone down so different
Small events do shift the sands of time
If we ever reach for summer
Maybe they'll not walk on by

But hey, there's a drug for everything
A scented sweetness kills the mind (and kills some time)
Dot, dot, something, something, dark side

You're a rock and I'm made of glass
The wounds are taped over with bandages
See the blood drip down the cracks
And form ever darker pools at our feet

Autumn breeze and dirty streets
Welcome this pair of trembling hands
Once more into the breach
Shake it off now, a storm is coming