by Ink Bomb

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released October 23, 2017

Vocals: Joost * Guitar: Quirijn * Bass: Arina * Drums: Paul

Drums recorded by Quirijn Foeken at Limoskazerne, Nijmegen
Bass, guitar and vocals recorded by Quirijn Foeken
Mixed by Quirijn Foeken
Mastering by Bill Henderson, Azimuth Mastering
Design by Suzanne Scheeren
Logo by Gerben Boersma


all rights reserved



Ink Bomb Nijmegen, Netherlands

Ink Bomb was founded in 2015 abnd released multiple EP's and singles. Their debut album Fiction is out now. Fiction is the culmination of their hard work over these past few years and showcases the band's trademark sound: fast, aggressive songs that might not always follow standard song structure, but always features great melodies with a healthy dose of melancholy. ... more

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Track Name: The Bleachers
It was an unnerving view. No one else could have appreciated it like I do. But then again, few can. As I watched and wondered if I could
relate this to anything seen before. I came up empty. Nothing was quite like it. Maybe I’m to blame, did I come up short?
Did I really fuck up? Or so they tell me.
Hasn’t anyone told you that all of this is just a mirage?
You think these people and you answer to the same external reality? Think again, these stories we make ourselves, not them,
not your parents, not the authorities, just you. And only you. Maybe this’ll fall on deaf ears but it’s all I got. I know it isn’t much, but its mine.
Track Name: The Creeps
South city street lights
Carried heavy foresights
Venus like glow on the edge of her eyes
Soft spoken words
And eerie quiet
Somewhere in her eyes I saw a riot
She saw nothing but scars and wounds
I tried to show her some uneasy truths
She’s giving me the creeps
She’s giving me the creeps
She’s giving me the creeps
She carries herself fairly well
She’s giving me the creeps
No exit signs
Or escape routes
I couldn’t hide the truth right now
Final call
This one’s for real
You’d better show me how this feels
Track Name: Heavy Crosses
Sleep easy little one
Have heart and courage
These crosses will one day
Be handed over and buried
Sojourn for a while
When you wake up they’ll all be gone
Only mom will remember
As she’s branded the offender
You’ll carry these crosses
Across the valley alone
You’ll combat dark forces
And squeeze the blood from the secular stone
How can we ever face them
Face our family and neighbors
Forgive us father for she has sinned
She’ll get the rod again
Sleep easy little angle-whore
Your downfall is a blight on us all
It’s not that we didn’t know…
we just didn’t want to know
Track Name: To the Trenches
Come out one last time, just me and you
Take the rough with the smooth
Wrongs will be made right
Songs will be sung
We will come out stronger
Scatter the ashes across the battlefield
Darling I don’t know if you’ve seen the numbers
But I think this one might do us in
This one will burn the bridges, fade out colors
Murky waters almost never birth wonders
But we tried to find the light within
The weapons drawn, the words grown quiet
like a fading symphony the final notes die out
And so we take to the trenches
The blood and guts get spilled and cut
This might be the war to end all wars
We’ll attack and shore up our defenses
With busted knees and rom-com fantasies
She ran me over and my heart exploded
No forgiveness, no remorse. You can’t make
an omelet without breaking some eggs.
The smell of death was our crescendo
Our hatred of each other felt almost tender

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